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Latest News

Home Builders Federation engages Skyblue to help tackle labour and skills shortages

The surge in demand for home building is creating labour and skills shortages – for both manual and non manual occupations. Some home builders predict growth of 10-25% in the next 3 years and are increasingly interested in recruiting from a wider labour market pool. Skyblue is centre stage connecting home builders with future job opportunities under the governance of the Home Builders Federation. For more information, please contact Alan Graver -   

Skyblue study reveals how cricket improves social and emotional wellbeing of disabled participants

Encouraging results from the first year of this ground breaking evaluation reveals a strong connection between playing cricket and increased social wellbeing for disabled people. The study of 300 disabled people is part of a 4 year study with The Lord’s Taverners and English Cricket Board to capture the social return on investment of the National Disability Cricket Programme.

1,600 students aged 10-16 in Somerset tell us what they think of STEM

The first set of results are currently being analysed for this important 5-year study to evaluate the impact created by EDF Energy’s Inspire Programme. Young people from over 30 schools took part in a mixed method approach that combined online, face to face with more traditional paper surveys.