Alan Graver, MMRS, Managing
Director Skyblue Research Ltd

Alan has been a senior director of three research companies since his career started in 1991. He is a professional researcher and evaluator with a focus on contributing evidence, thought leadership and strategic support for some of society’s largest challenges. Alan spent the first 20 years of his career learning about, and developing research that has contributed towards improved education, employment, enterprise, skills, training and career policy and programmes. This focus was about helping people improve their labour market position, and planning their futures with greater confidence.

Since 2007, Alan has invested greater energy in seeking to understand and learn about people and society to help reduce inequalities and improve physical and mental wellbeing. His consultancy seeks to encourage investments and / or protect evidence-based programmes that support individuals to have greater control over the world around them.

Current work ranges from helping to devise approaches to tackle loneliness and social isolation, to encouraging more youth work and mentoring to helping multiple charities improve their impact practice in order to more confidently tackle poverty through their work. The common thread is to play a part in encouraging more preventative measures in society. A skilled facilitator, presenter and strategist, Alan works hard to convert ideas and evidence into actionable recommendations and plans that can create a distinct difference over time.

Married to Donna and with their two children Adam and Amber, Alan is a dedicated family man. He lives in York and enjoys nothing more than rambling in North Yorkshire. Determined to give back to this wider community he takes immense pride in being Chair of North Yorkshire Sport, a charity determined to help people become more physically and mentally active and healthy. In this role he has helped launch initiatives and sourced funding to create more equal opportunities for people with impairments or who find themselves in challenging situations.

Donna Graver
Finance Director and Company Secretary

Donna is Skyblue’s Finance Director and Company Secretary, involved with the family business since its inception in 2007.


Skyblue also works with associates Paul Rhodes (Consulting) and Sue Vasey (Ideas Mine) who have specialist expertise adding value to Skyblue’s work for clients.

Paul works closely with Alan on the social mobility, education, skills and training commissions whilst Sue works with Alan on strategic voluntary and community sector commissions.

For small scale telephone field research we collaborate with trained specialist, John Wooldridge and we are grateful to Carl Letman for our digital services support.